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Uplands Montessori Wiki

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Welcome to the

Uplands Montessori Wiki:










Learn about:


Montessori 101 

Who was Maria Montessori?  What are the key principles of Montessori education? How does a Montessori classroom function? What curriculum do the teachers follow? What are some of the special days and events that are unique to the Montessori program? What does my child's Montessori Journey look like at Uplands?

The Prepared Environment

What does a Montessori classroom look like?


Grace and Courtesy

What Grace is and Courtesy, how is it taught and how can you support

your child at home?


Student Work

What does your child do all day and how can you support them at home?


Social Emotional Learning

What are the programs the Montessori teachers to teacher social-emotional learning (SEL)?


Parent Resources

Where can you find additional information?


School Policies

What are the school's policies for rainy days, food, and absences?


Uplands Elementary/Uplands Montessori 

(school  website)


Uplands Montessori is a District Choice Program and is open to all families who live within the Langley School District. To enroll in the program families must register through the District's Programs of Choice.     


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